Jewelweed Salve

Jewelweed Salve

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Jewelweed is Mother Nature’s antidote to the poisonous oils in poison ivy, poison oak and stinging nettle.
Scratching and rubbing your itchy skin can cause the reaction to spread, and jewelweed neutralizes the poison, stops the spread of the reaction, and relieves itching and blistering skin fast!

You’ll want to keep our Jewelweed salve on hand year round! Dry skin and chapping make skin itchy in winter, and bites, poisonous plants and heat rash make your skin itchy in the summer! We create all our handmade salves in small batches, to make sure that the essential oils are evenly distributed throughout, so you get the maximum benefit possible! The carrier oil base is moisturizing to dry skin, and keeps skin nourished, supple and soft while the oils are fast at work providing relief from the itching. We know our Jewelweed salve will be a family favorite when it comes to finding relief from all itchy skin conditions!

Each salve is homemade and weighs approximately 1, 2 or 4 oz.

Ingredients: Jewelweed infused olive oil, beeswax and vitamin E