Nipple Balm
Nipple Balm

Nipple Balm

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No more dry or cracked nipples! Enjoy soft, supple, and hydrated nipples while you are nursing with our infant safe ingredients.

All ingredients are safe for baby so you do not need to wash nipples before feeding.
Can be used during pregnancy to help prepare the nipples for breastfeeding & can also be used for a variety of other skin problems to aid in healing and pain relief.

Marshmallow Root - Anti-inflammatory properties and greatly reduces skin irritation. Can be used to treat skin issues, wounds, chafing and sores. Marshmallow Root also has antibacterial properties which helps fight off germs, aiding in healing and speeds up healing time. It also contains compounds which stimulate the immune system.

Calendula Flower - Contains both wound healing and antiseptic properties. Extremely soothing and moisturizing. Great for treating skin problems of all kinds such as burns, sunburn, diaper rash and scrapes. Contains phyto-chemicals that oppose bacteria, viruses and fungi. Also an anti-inflammatory.


Calendula infused Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Marshmallow Root Powder

Net Wt. 1 oz